This is my second sprayer set after my first one from a different vendor sprung a leak. The material seems of high quality (at least better than the first one I got). The internal reinforced tubing makes me feel a tad better about my purchase since that’s where my previous unit spring the leak from.

The Easy & Efficient Way to Get Fresh After Using The Bathroom

The hand bidet provides a refreshing and cleansing wash or convenient diaper spray right in the palm of your hand.

Stainless Steel Hand Bidet Kit

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No matter how you spell it, we want you to know you’ve found the premier stainless steel hand bidet toilet kit here

17 reviews for Raised Toilet Seat | Elevated Toilet Seat | Toilet Riser

  1. Hand Bidet System 1


    This toilet seat is very well built and installation took about two minutes.
    The assembly was well thought out and the unit has not moved a bit in over two months.
    We bought ours with the addition of the support arms which are used to raise and lower the seat so a slow close feature is unnecessary.
    The quality is way better than the less expensive units we’ve tried.
    Our only issue at all was that the unit is way short of being an elongated toilet.
    No idea why the company would make the seat so much smaller than it should have been.
    Overall we found none better than this to raise toilet and provide extra support handles.
    Highly recommend this one.

  2. Hand Bidet System 1

    Ashley Gibson

    This is a great product for my 83 yr. old Mom.

  3. Hand Bidet System 1

    Brenda Wilson

    I bought this for my mom. She’s 85 years old and it was a struggle to sit down on toilet. She loves it. It’s very sturdy and well designed.

  4. Hand Bidet System 1


    This is the best high rise toilet seat ever invented!! durable, clean lines, handle bars fit awesome!! pretty, shiny, elegant and just totally awesome! Worth the money!! This seat is high quality! Amazing!!!

  5. Hand Bidet System 1

    Roger Hannefield

    Having secure supports, that are not an obstacle, is priceless. The arms a locked to the seat, there is no wiggle what so ever.

  6. Hand Bidet System 1

    D. Pinehurst

    Yes, a bit on the pricey side – but if you are willing to pay for quality, this is your choice! Coupled with the matching Aluminum Support Arms, this provides a stable and strong sitting for my wife suffering from dementia.

  7. Hand Bidet System 1

    B. Brendon

    Excellent raised seat with armrests and splash guard. Very comfortable. Easy to clean. Very sturdy.

  8. Hand Bidet System 1

    Ben G.

    Perfect fit and easy to install. Getting ready for hip replacement, this is a very necessary item for tall people.

  9. Hand Bidet System 1



  10. Hand Bidet System 1


    I am a home health occupational therapist. I saw this at a patient’s home and immediately had to take a picture of it and find out who made it. It is far superior to any other bolt-on toilet riser I have ever seen in my almost 30 year career. And the reason why is because it is extremely secure, it doesn’t slip as a lot of boats on toilet risers do, and it flips completely out-of-the-way giving full access for cleaning. I love it. You can also purchase optional arms to have a toilet riser and a safety frame. The arms are also the most secure, stable arms I have ever seen as a toilet safety frame. I only wish it was lower priced so more of my patients could afford it.

  11. Hand Bidet System 1

    Viner D.

    It’s worth the extra price

  12. Hand Bidet System 1


    Works Great

  13. Hand Bidet System 1

    Emmanuel R.

    It’s very sturdy and well designed.

  14. Hand Bidet System 1

    Michelle Wright

    Best seat ever invented! Just awesome!!!

  15. Hand Bidet System 1


    Nice to know there are still companies out there providing quality products!

  16. Hand Bidet System 1

    Marjorie Tales

    Excellent choice for elderly

  17. Hand Bidet System 1

    Fred Chapman

    Easy installation

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